Collaboration Project for Diabetic Disease Management

29th April 2010

Wound Management Technologies and messaging subsidiary Secure eHealth have launched a project to develop a secure alert and messaging platform in collaboration with HealthPoints, a Dallas based disease management company. The primary focus of the project will be on the remote monitoring and management of diabetes patients in the local Metro Dallas area. "Secure eHealth is an ideal fit for companies like HealthPoints since many of our programs are designed to promote collaboration and the sharing of personal health related information between patients and healthcare providers. Secure eHealth provides the technology that allows HealthPoints to bridge that link without compromising the security of any protected data," stated Mark Lambright, HealthPoints’ CEO.

HealthPoints strives to improve the health of its participants through its robust line of tailored disease management programs. The HealthPoints' team of nurses, dieticians, medical directors and counselors leverage its proprietary technology to ensure that all their patients receive timely and appropriate information to best manage their specific condition. According to Robert Tapales, Secure eHealth President, " HealthPoints is one of the only companies I know that can drive a real-time disease management system that works. We are extremely fortunate to be able to work with them on this project and look forward to its success."

Secure eHealth offers a complete suite of scalable products for secure, intelligent healthcare communication, collaboration, storage and transport. For more information on Secure eHealth go to Securehealth.