iPLATO Eyes New Patient Messaging Application

29th April 2010

Lexum European Eye Clinic, a network of private ophthalmology clinics in the Czech Republic, announced that its patients in Prague are benefiting from receiving appointment reminders and health information via text message. Launched in March the new mobile health service is already proving popular with patients who appreciate the convenience and speed of interacting with their eye doctor via their mobile phone.

Lexum European Eye Clinic is the first user of iPLATO Patient Care Messaging in the Czech Republic. As a leading network of private ophthalmology clinics the primary objective with the new mobile service is to enhance the patient experience and to streamline patient interaction before and after operation. iPLATO Patient Care Messaging, the world’s leading platform for mobile health promotion already used by more than 700 healthcare organisations, was provided in cooperation with T-Mobile.

“We are pleased with the reception of our new service says” Dr. Peter Ivančák PhD., CEO of Lexum. “It is not every day that we in healthcare IT get to launch services that are so tangible and obviously beneficial to the patient. With 77% of our patients’ mobile phone numbers recorded on our patient administration system we are already reaching most of our patients via the mobile channel. As a result of the early success at the Lexum Clinic in Prague, we aim to expand the iPLATO service across our clinics in the Czech Republic. Within our commitment to offering a top quality experience to our patients we are looking forward to work with iPLATO to lead the development of mobile health services in Central and Eastern Europe.”

“Mobile penetration in the Czech Republic surpassed 130% already in 2008”, says Jiří Orlík, iPLATO’s Czech Head of Technology. As the mobile telecommunications hub of Central and Eastern Europe it was always a question of time before this market got into mHealth. We are delighted to work with Lexum European Eye Clinic and T-Mobile to launch the first generation mobile health services in the Czech Republic. We are looking forward work with our partners across the world to develop many more generations of mHealth services to support patients in achieving longer, healthier lives.”