Freescale gets ZigBee Health Certification

20th May 2010

Freescale Semiconductor has received ZigBee Certified product status for its ZigBee Health Care wireless health and wellness processing platforms. The ZigBee Certified products status is awarded to products that have been tested and met criteria for interoperability that enable wireless devices to securely and reliably monitor and manage noncritical, low-acuity health care services. A recent report by ON World, “WSN for Health Care,” estimates that wireless sensor networks can reduce annual health care costs by $25 billion (US) by 2012.

“The growing acceptance of wireless technology in the medical field supports the use of more wireless solutions for many of the health and wellness end product applications that are expected to lower health care costs in the years to come,” said Brett Black, manager of Freescale’s Wireless Connectivity Organization. “Freescale has 40 plus years in the wireless sensing marketplace and continues to be a front-runner in the medical device market. The achievement of ZigBee Health Care Certified Product status continues to demonstrate Freescale’s leadership in the space.”

The Freescale processing platforms awarded the certification includes the MC13202FC transceiver in combination with the MC9S08QE128 MCU; and the MC13224V integrated transceiver with a 32-bit ARM7™ microcontroller (MCU). These products are optimized for sensing and monitoring applications requiring low power for battery operated or battery backed systems. The platforms are cost effective and provide easy development, easy installation, and easy maintenance/updates for a variety of remote health monitoring applications promoting wellness and fitness.

“The ZigBee Alliance completed the ZigBee Health Care standard in record time and welcomes the quick arrival of ZigBee Certified products in the future,” said Benno Ritter, vice president of marketing and business development at the ZigBee Alliance. “ZigBee Health Care is an important solution for the medical market supporting efforts to reverse the trend of rising health care costs while increasing the effectiveness of patient care. With support from companies like Freescale, we are enabling people to live healthier and more independent lives.”